Stress Relief Time: Get Over Stress and Make It Your Friend

As the sun sets on Sunday evenings, usually my stress starts to kick into overdrive.

Luckily a friend on Facebook shared this video recently. The Ted Talk video helped me rethink stress and it even provided me with a bit of immediate relief from any Sunday night anxiety.

If you also suffer from a case of the Sunday Stress Blues, I suggest that you  take a quick break and watch this  Ted Talk from Dr Kelly McGonigal.

Becoming a Linchpin

linchpinIf you have read any of my blog posts before, you may know how much I enjoy my daily newsletter from Seth Godin. I am now reading Seth Godin’s book Linchpin, where he argues that the world of having standardize factory-esque business is dying.

Godin argues that there is a new class of workers beyond managers and laborers and they are the linchpins, the risk takers. Linchpins solve problems that people have not yet even predicted. They connect people who need to be connected. They are the anti-TGIFers who take each day of work and strive to always question how a business could do better.

I want to be a Linchpin.

Although there are some flaws to Godin’s argument, mainly that thinking one is indispensable is not always a good thing, I am inspired by the linchpin call-to-action for us to  think outside the box and take risks to be our best selves in the workplace. With my inspiration, I wanted to leave you with a few favorite quotes and ideas thus far in my read. (Although, I’m not even done with the book yet, so there may be more to come!).

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Millennials: Entitled or big dreamers?


I recently read an article in the Harvard Business Review titled "You're probably Wrong About Millennials."  The article stated what most of us know about millennial stereotypes: that we are entitled, disloyal, and lazy, and it argued that maybe that … [Continue reading]

How to deal with disappointing your boss

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We all know the feeling: wanting to do so well for your boss and your company and having too many items on your to-do list to properly get everything done. In times like these, it is really important to help manage your boss manage you. Many … [Continue reading]

Follow-up – Facing Fear

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Don’t stop learning


One of my favorite NPR programs is the TED Radio Hour. I recently listened to an episode, "Unstoppable Learning." The program dives into the way we humans learn and the guests question whether we really need to teach people in order to spark … [Continue reading]

Looking Past Fear in the Workplace


What would you do if you were not afraid? My mom has a coffee cup from an Atlanta artist known as Sister Louisa that simply states: "Fu%$ Fear." I used to drink my morning cup of coffee out of that mug before a big test when I was in high school, … [Continue reading]

Never Lie About Who You Are


At a great time in history when the Supreme Court Justices question the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act, we can see the world dispute the ability to express oneself freely on equal terms. Dan Pallota writes for the Harvard … [Continue reading]

Will It Get You There?

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Is perfect the enemy of good? This post today was inspired by Seth Godin. If you have not signed up for his email newsletter, then I implore you to do so right now (click here). A couple of weeks ago, Seth Godin wrote a post called "All Boats … [Continue reading]

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

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Or, fake it 'til you become it as Amy Cuddy says. This Harvard professor gives a great Ted talk about how our body language shapes not only how we are perceived, but also the way we feel physically and the way we perform at real life situations, such … [Continue reading]